The TaN guild was founded by our fearless leader Cylvia long ago, in order to make a place where friends could hang out, and help each other accomplish their goals in the game. Originally a guild that had a lot of focus on pilfering recipes and doing alchemy, TaN now has a wide variety of players, from the very casual to the persistently-online. Many members have one high job, but lack a robust set of sub-skills, so we're working on that a lot right now.

* Chairperson

* Elders

* Branch Heads
*Cotton (Yaoi)
*ShadowArc (~)
*Kuriko (Nyankii)
*Zephyro (Wind)
*??? (Alts and Mules)
*[currently no sixth branch]

Potentials For Raiding

*Shahrivar (Main: 65 Hunter, Subs: 65 Thief, 60 Doctor)
*Ginji (Main: 60+ Blademaster, Subs: 60+ Hunter, 60+ Witch Doctor) (he's leveling them now, so level readings are vague)
*Einherger (Main: 63 Wizard, Subs: Doctor, Shaman)
*Cylvia (Main: 62 Thief, Subs: Doctor, (eventually) Witch Doctor)

* Support
*Savvy (Main: 65 Musician; Subs: 65 Doctor, 63 Mercenary)
*MuffinxX (Main: 63 Doctor; Subs: 60 Wizard, Muse)

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