Raid 101

This guide is to teach you all potential raiders on what to prepare for raids. It will also give you an insight on what to level if you choose to decide to raid in the future. So you random lvlers can have something to focus on what to level. ^^

Thanks to Shahrivar for providing more insight on classes.

*Note: This guide also applies to guild quests like Malachite.*

Forewarning: This information is what I have observed and theorized, so it may be incorrect in some parts. Feel free to contribute, make corrections, and/or add inputs to this guide.

What are raids?

Raids are organized dungeon runs by players in the server, they can be guild only or with other people (most common). These dungeons contain high lvl monsters and a gigantic boss (with minions) at the end. As such, they contain a huge box full of goodies.

Requirements for raids

  • Simply, have a 60+ class with good subs that suit that particular class. Your subs should be at least 50 so can be useful when used. The higher, the better.
  • Have good gear. Wear at least a lv 50 armor with some onyxes in them and get a lv 50 upgraded to lv 60 weapons so you can perform better. *Note: If you're going to do a turtle raid, bring the highest earth weapon that you can acquire*

Classes wanted for raids

The following contains CRUCIAL information that you should consider:

There are three classes in raids: DPS class, Support class, and Tanker class.

DPS class

DPS class consists of Blademasters, Hunters, and Wizards. The sole purpose of this class is to inflict major pain to the boss. So because of this, you should have a SOLO SKILL build for these classes, so NO PARTY SKILL BUILDS because you don't want to use AoE's against 1 boss and they are usually not very strong.

Pros of DPS: Subs are about optimizing damage instead of having to do multiple jobs at once, fun to see how high your damage can get.

Cons of DPS: Fairly gear-intensive; it's generally desired that you have at least a double-golded armor set and/or a double-golded weapon.

  • Blademasters: These classes have high attack power, so they can cause major pain to the boss. They should have attack buffs like Burning Rage for skill spamming and All-out Assault for aspd mode. I'm not sure what saber skills to get so you may need to consult elsewhere for that. Despite Their primary role is to deal consistent dps with their normal and fast attacks.
  • Hunters: If used properly, they can cause THE most damage out of all classes and they barely miss. They act as a burst dps/skill spam, which is blasting the enemy with a lot of damage all at once but then dealing slow damage during cooldown. This class will have issues with mp when they start spamming so they should try to have a dedicated muse to fuse them.
  • Wizards: This class is does constant damage at a fairly good rate. They have a high amount of wis so they are more suited to magic spamming and probably go support hybrid, as well as good mp regeneration rate. But like burst dps, they may have some mp issues due to constant spammage, so you may want to sub something to help your mp regen.

There's a lot of questions going around asking why are those three perfectly suited for raiding and not MA, fencer, thief, shaman, etc. Well I guess the main reason is because of their passive skills; Hunters get 10% extra damage on physical skills, BM's get 10% extra damage on normal attacks, and Wizards get 10% extra damage on magical skills. People can argue that they can sub those in their class of choice but their effects will be halved. 5% can go a long way when dpsing. There are more reasons but this is probably the most simplest answer.

Support Class

Support classes consists of Doctor and Musician. You should get PARTY-based and TOTAL SUPPORT builds for them. Your job is to keep everyone's hp level healthy and keep them buffed at ALL TIMES. These classes are always needed in parties, so it won't be surprising if there is a shortage.

Pros of Support: By far less gear-intensive than the other two classifications, more ability to mix and match in what you come on as main and what you bring as a sub.

Cons of Support: Can be difficult to juggle all the things you need to do at once, involves a lot of classes that generally have to be leveled in a party to get to high levels.

  • Doctor: The team's lifeline, without them your team will be dropping like flies. The doc should focus on getting everyone's hp levels at a safe rate (say‚Ķ 80%) and keep the defensive buffs up. This class should get as much buff skills as possible to help out in the team, or if they want, get some debuffs from dancer.
  • Musician: Let me say this, NO PET MUSE SKILLS AT ALL (they may get killed pretty fast) and NO SONIC SWIPE AND SUPERSONIC, your main purpose is to buff the party at all times, not to attack and to get you potentially killed. This class' job is to constantly keep buffs up for the party so they can fight at their peak level. They can also act as a backup doc in case of emergencies.

I recommend maining doc instead of muse b/c most likely you won't have your pets out while fighting (unless you're riding them), so you're going to have a wasted skill slot. Doc however, have both sets that are useful for the party, and all you have to do is sub muse's first set and then you have another skill slot for whatever you want. If you're planning to muse, main doc and sub muse; main muse if you don't have doc at a high enough lvl.

Tanker Class

Tanker class consists of just Mercenary because of their high defense. Your job is to aggro ALL of the minions to you and KITE them FAR AWAY from the boss, where everyone else is. So if you went for basic merc build, then you should be fine.

Pros of Tanking: guaranteed invite, sort of a "commander" role of the raid; you get to pick your supports.

Cons of Tanking: most gear and resource-intensive job, a lot of the pressure to succeed rides on your performance.

  • Mercenary: This guy keeps everyone alive by luring mobs away from the dps group. This class should get as much defense as possible. Plat spear is recommended so you can wear a shield as well. There's a lot of ways to play with this class, it's up to you how you want to play it; Choking enemies, having emergency heals, etc. The possibilities are endless

So to sum it up, the classes needed are BM, Hunters, Wizards, Mercenary, Doctors, and Musicians. Of course you don't have to follow this exactly, this is just for reference purposes only.

Party Setups

There are basically two types of teams: DPS team and Tanker team.

DPS Team

This team consists of 4 DPS, a Doc, and a Muse. This team's job is to take down the boss with their strongest attacks. The Doc should keep them healed and their buffs up, and if they have Dancer skills, they should also debuff the boss if not already by another team. The Muse should keep the buffs up, every single buffs count so use them. Simple really, just commence the thrashing.

Tanker Team

This team consists of 1-2 Tankers, 2 Docs, a Muse, and 1-2 magic type. This team's job is to get the minions away from the DPS team so they can do their thing in peace. So they should mock, windmill, anything to get the minion's attention and drag them away from the boss, and kite them. Don't move too fast when kiting or else they'll return to their leader and attack the DPS team. The Docs' job is to heal the main Tanker as he kites the minions around; allow 2 Docs to do this. The backup Tanker should keep an eye on the DPS team just in case the boss summons more mobs, then drag them away from the boss and to the main Tanker. They should have 1 Doc (if you have a third Doc) with him/her while doing this. The Muse, as usual, keep buffs up.


The following is basic strategies used in raids. Make sure to buff everyone and use all of your buffs before entering.

Crossbone Swordsman

Location: Canute Canal 1 (in Eversun South)
- To be updated -


Location: Town Hall Basement, at the end
This area consists of a long hallway and a somewhat big room. All you have to do is MOW EVERYTHING DOWN while destroying blue crystals scattered around the place. Another method is for the tanker to go in first and round up all the mobs, then let everyone else run in and destroy the crystals while ignoring the mobsAfterwards, there's a huge room at the end but do not enter yet. Use this time to buff everyone again, then rush in when everyone is ready. Now just follow the team strategies posted above and you should be fine. Just be careful of the boss's AoE and make sure no one dies. However, as the boss's hp goes down, he will summon more mobs and occasionally blue crystals. Let the Tanker team take care of the minions, while everyone in the DPS team scatter to take out the blue crystals quick (failure to do so will make Tigerman summon even more mobs, thus putting more stress on the tank). After those are gone, resume killing the boss. Repeat this until the boss is taken down.

Tricksy Tortoise

Location: Neptune's Temple, where the Pandora's Box is
This area has a long, zig-zagging hallway with mobs about (the area is similar to the Chimera Turtles area). Here, you RUSH TO THE END OF THE HALLWAY and try to ignore the huge glob at the end. The tanker should try to lure it away from the exit (or anyone else who thinks they can lure it away), or else no one will be able to continue to the end. If all else fails, kill it quick, and try not to leave anyone behind. Now when you do enter there, use this time to rebuff everyone. When ready, the Tanker team will go down and do their thing, while the backup Tanker drags the boss where everyone is (where they came in). When the boss is here, the DPS team should thrash it immediately. There's nothing special about this boss like Tigerman (summons and blue crystals and all) so just keep killing him till it's dead.

To do list:

  • Strategies for each lair (Swordsman, Tigerman, Turtle) from other raiders
  • Strategy against Malachite (I'd like input on people who actually did the run)
  • Rewards for each lair and Malachite
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