Melody is a home of insanity, friends, and utter randomness. Here we have a family, a family that is connected and willing to understand and accept eachother. Whether it be connected through love, consensual random rape, or the usage of random snowballs to slaughter innocent members hiding in GC, Melody is always there to help eachother out.

Guild forums are here~ :





~Branch Heads~

Namidairo (Of Harmony)
Hizune (Of Legato)
Four (Of Forte)


Potentials for Raids

Dash - Lvl 68 Hunter (main); Dps
- Lvl 68 BM (sub)
- Lvl 65 Thief (sub)

Midnight - Lvl 68 Hunter (main); Dps
- Lvl 63 BM (Sub)
- Lvl 65 Thief (Sub)

Hizune - Lvl 60 BM; Dps
- Lvl 58 Hunter (sub)

Zaiyle - Lvl 62 Hunter; Dps
- (subs in progress)

Four - Lvl 65 Mercenary (main); Tank
- Lvl 6x Doc (sub)
- Lvl 5x Shaman (sub)


Lvl 60 Doctor (currently, to be edited); Support
- Lvl 65 Merc (sub)
- 6x Muse (to be edited)

Kaiyora - Lvl 68 Doctor (main); Support
-Lvl 68 Muse (sub)
-Lvl 64 Dancer (sub)

All lvls/classes above are subject to change. Please contact via ign for any questions or concerns.

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