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I don't really have experience docing, but as a musician I always bring whatever docs subs I have, including ultimate. Quite a few people including myself have lv.1 ultimate, so chances are when it's needed someone will use it. Maybe having one or two people with Mega Medicine in the tank team isn't a bad idea after all.

Hope this helps; mainly posting so you'll know people still check this place out. xD

Re: Tank Team Doc by LoranditeLorandite, 07 Nov 2009 16:09

I don't know if anyone will still look at this, but I figure I'll just post what I know anyway.

I've Doc'd Tank team for both Tiger and Turtle raid.

Tiger raid is actually a piece of cake compared to turtle, and I believe as long as the tank has got everything right (build, armor, what have you), they can get buy without losing a single scape. I usually spam Regen 11 (only for tank), First Aid, and Frog Soup then the AoE heals should anyone else in the team need healing too.

Then if possible, it is ideal to have Choking Climber subbed as well and use it whenever you can but stay close to the tank as possible and use it when the majority of the mob is in place so the skill can grab most if not all of the mob.

Turtle really throws me for a loop, though. Either it just seems to me like the mob is larger, or because those turtles might have some nasty magic attacks that just break down the tank constantly so they tend to lose a bunch of scapes no matter how fast you can pull a buff, so that probably needs more investigating.

Usually after tank loses a scape I go right for Frog Forcefield first. I'm still not sure about if the mob has magic attack so I only guess that a high lvl Yang Frog might help? Most of the time I go FFF then Prolong. Not that it might really matter, but I always figure Lvl 11 FFF and Prolong might cast faster than lvl 10 because I click the hotkey right away to cast instead of me clicking it then having to select the tank to cast it on him/her.

I've always been iffy about Ultimate, but if there are 2 docs on the team I guess it would be nice for 1 of them to have it.

I've known Sylpha to use Mega Medicine for our tank Liah when we've done Madam Malachite raid. I can only guess it worked out well but I wasn't in the tank team at the time. However like Ultimate, using it takes a long time to cooldown so I'm not sure if it is consistently worth it to use. I figure though, that as long as you are on the ball and healing the tank all the time, having those 25 seconds of "invincibility" wouldn't matter, as long as you can Choke once in a while.

Re: Tank Team Doc by CelichuCelichu, 31 Oct 2009 11:03

First of all I'd like to say that even though that I have only been present for one joint guild raid, I want to thank everyone for the help and that you guys are awesome!

I'm not sure how many people regularly frequent this forum but I am here to ask for some support.

Celica and Karasukira are currently in the running for DoMO's 2nd Annual Prom which is on Sept. 26th, 3PM PST.

We need votes, and we'd really appreciate a simple forum post saying you vote for Celica and Karasukira from Chaotic Dragons.

We are currently also going against some notable couples from Genesis.

Please take a look at our speech and tribute video before you decide to make a vote for us. We want to be able to win fairly, and we've both worked hard on our speech/video.

Please also take note of the topic's rules, where you need at least 25 Aeria forum posts for your vote to qualify.

Thank you very much!

Click here for the link!

Please Give Us Some Support! by CelichuCelichu, 20 Sep 2009 04:55

This time we'll be doing the turtle raid on that date. So whoever is able to come that day, tell me your team's setup and I'll setup a list later.

Melo DPS CD Tank Proph DPS Extra DPS
Dash Liah Kayou Member 1
Member 2 Member 2 Member 2 Member 2
Member 3 Member 3 Member 3 Member 3
Member 4 Member 4 Member 4 Member 4
Member 5 Member 5 Member 5 Member 5
Member 6 Member 6 Member 6 Member 6

We will try to have around four parties, depending how much will join this raid.

Again, prior to the start of the maintenance, logoff your chars at the entrance to the lair.

As I said on the guild forums, I think I can make it. But…I may be lagging too much to participate. You can put me down for Musician if you want to~

I just posted this on our guild forums. Pretty sure we can offer at least two DPS, if not more, so we may be able to make our own team. I'll post an edit when I have more information, which will hopefully be in one or two days. xD

We'll be starting our first raid on that day, when we know the spawns are alive. Before the maint starts, I want everyone to log out at the raid entrance (located at the end of town hall basement). Hopefully, we can start before anyone else can claim it. So sign up as soon as possible. >:3

Current teams (atm):

DPS 1 Tank DPS 2
Dash Liah Member 1
Midnight Doc Member 2
Four Doc Member 3
Kaiyora Doc(?) Member 4
Extra Muse Member 5
Extra Extra (choker would be nice) Member 6

We can add more teams if needed.

Hopefully all goes well. ^^

No need to force me into making it cross-guild. It sounds fun xD

I'm Jay o:

My in-game name is Zaiyle~ :3 I'm also a member of Melody, like Kai. /prods her~ I'm a talkative person. I don't really know how to describe myself perfectly, but talkative kinda sums most of it up. :D I'm.. nice..? Not completely sane, in my opinion.

I love when random people message me. Okay, I find it kinda weird at first, but if you say you found it on the raid page or something, I'll understand. So feel free to talk/say hi to me~

Somehow, I think a huge line of people made just out of our guilds in a perfect line in Eversun/Ddale would be amusing. But then that's me. (and I'm easily amused.)

Re: Getting to Know Each Other by JayyyJayyy, 02 Jul 2009 06:21

At 103 agi, UH has 3.5 min cooldown. I guess it's okay to use when someones a. Lagging, b. switching tasks (like if the doc is also musing, or something), or c. if buffs are running out but HP is low. It's good for helping other people in the area I suppose, and I like using it to the max when I can. Regen 11 + UH can do wonders for constant HP drops.

This is in my opinion though, I haven't docced for a raid. xD *muse at heart*

Re: Tank Team Doc by Kaiyora Kaiyora , 02 Jul 2009 03:51

I don't play support much but I have some knowledge on them. In my experience, Agi can do more than Wis because although you heal less, you are able to pull out more heals, which is important in case of emergencies.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep all of the defensive buffs on. That includes Prolong, FFF, Yang Frog, and Regen (10 and 11); the max mp buff isn't really needed. Also, you can probably focus on getting frog heals instead of Ultimate Healing. The UH is too long and only great for emergencies. You can pull out much more frog heals than UH, and I heard the heals aren't too bad neither. If I remember correctly, Merc team usually have two docs to keep the merc's hp up, so you can let the other doc or docs from other parties to use UH, while you can solely focus on keeping the merc alive.

But that's my 2 cents, feel free to prove me wrong XD.

Re: Tank Team Doc by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 02 Jul 2009 02:47

Now I've never actually Doc'ed for the Tank Team before, so this thread is more me asking than me telling. I've thought a lot about it though, and it seems to me to be one of the most difficult things a Doctor can do, since the main tank is taking the most horrendous beat-down that this game can possibly throw at it.

I've thought a lot about Wisdom versus Agility. I read a post where the two actually balanced out for HP healed over time, but with something as dynamic as the HP of the main tank, it seems like Agility would win out. That's just a theory, though..

And what about buffs? Any one in particular (aside from Regen 11) to keep on? If the tank dies and takes a scape, all buffs go away.. what then? What if Regen 11 is on cooldown, what buff do you hit first?

Any help would be much appreciated. I usually Doc the DPS team, but I want to be able to do more.

Tank Team Doc by FreerefillFreerefill, 01 Jul 2009 23:34

Sounds fun~ ^^

I'm Kaiyora (you can call me Kai~), Branch Head and faithful kitten to Melody (and Dash <3). Sorta random, sorta quiet, mostly nice, perfectly innocent. ^^ Random PMs are fun, so go ahead if you want~ I won't bite…much ^^

Kay has great ideas~ Personally, I'd say hunt down the Bear God, but that's just me. x3 DT sounds fun too..till we get to the Lightning Spirit. I have a personal vendetta against that thing. Dx

Oh, we could probably force Jay to make her "Snowball-anything-and-everything" event/quest thing a cross-guild thing for those who don't feel like killing anything xD

News section
RekkuuzanRekkuuzan 01 Jul 2009 05:19
in discussion News and Information / News » News section

Okay, I've done some testing and here are my findings.

  • When posting a new thread in the news/planner section. Always include a summary. Failure to do so will put all of the contents of the first thread into one loooooooooooooonnnnnnnng line, despite the spaces and format you made.
  • For news:
    • Topic should be… the topic
    • Summary should include the a short description of the topic
  • Please do not fill the news/planner section with spam and other worthless junk, we will ban you.
  • Most of all, enjoy your stay and have fun. ^^
News section by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 05:19

Hey! So~ I figured since not all of us know each other, if we're going to raid together, we should have a get-together of some sort, meet everyone and whatnot. It'll help us with working together as a team and also with trusting each other. Therefore.. I shall start off by introducing myself and also throwing out a few ideas we could do to get acquainted. ^^~

I'm Kayou, most people call me Kay. Um. Very passive in general, also very random. Spam emotes. Feel free to poke me in-game? xD Also look forward to raiding with everyone. ^^

As for ideas and stuff, ^-^ maybe a bunch of us can team up randomly (not via guild, but maybe one person from each guild) and go spawn.. NYM! xD It can help people who need attack speed pills and whatnot, plus also help us get to know each other, even if we don't have to worry too much about taking damage. Another option that someone brought up (can't remember, maybe syn or Shah) is try Demon Tower. That one might be a bit more difficult to coordinate, as not everyone has the title yet, but it could also be worth a shot.

Getting to Know Each Other by KayouKayou, 01 Jul 2009 05:08
Test Number 3
RekkuuzanRekkuuzan 01 Jul 2009 05:07
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Test Number 3

This is to test what happens if there is no summary posted.


Spam Spam
Test Number 3 by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 05:07
RekkuuzanRekkuuzan 01 Jul 2009 05:02
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Test by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 05:02
Test thread 2
RekkuuzanRekkuuzan 01 Jul 2009 04:54
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Test thread 2


Test thread 2 by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 04:54

When scheduling for raids, use the location, date, and time as the thread title. For example: Swordsman Raid: July 14, 2009; 8:00 PM EST

Within the thread, make a table to keep a list on who's participating. Those who are interested in participating should post in the thread (Until I find an interactive list, this will have to do for now).


Party 1 Party 2 Party 3
Member 1 Member 1 Member 1
Member 2 Member 2 Member 2
Member 3 Member 3 Member 3
Member 4 Member 4 Member 4
Member 5 Member 5 Member 5
Member 6 Member 6 Member 6
  • Assign more parties if appropriate.

Code (for reference)

||~ Party 1 ||~ Party 2 ||~ Party 3 ||
|| Member 1 || Member 1 || Member 1||
|| Member 2 || Member 2 || Member 2||
|| Member 3 || Member 3 || Member 3||
|| Member 4 || Member 4 || Member 4||
|| Member 5 || Member 5 || Member 5||
|| Member 6 || Member 6 || Member 6||
Schedule format by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 04:20
Re: Test thread
RekkuuzanRekkuuzan 01 Jul 2009 04:05
in discussion Hidden / Deleted threads » Test thread

Test 2

Re: Test thread by RekkuuzanRekkuuzan, 01 Jul 2009 04:05

When there is an important update, post in the news section of forums. It will pop up here.

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