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Here we can all introduce ourselves, discuss, schedule, and plan our raids. While this wiki is for the three guilds (Melody, Prophecy, and LCM), other guilds are welcome to join us. Feel free to contribute and make changes to the site to make it better.

(Okay I'm not the most creative person the world, if anyone can come up with a better front page, feel free to change it.)

— Dash


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Raiders 31 Oct 2009 14:05 CelichuCelichu
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Raid 101 16 Oct 2009 19:16 RekkuuzanRekkuuzan
Prophecy 07 Oct 2009 04:57 LoranditeLorandite
Melody 06 Oct 2009 07:16 Kaiyora Kaiyora
I don't really have experience docing, but as a musician I always bring whatever docs subs I...
(by Lorandite 07 Nov 2009 16:09, posts: 5)
I don't know if anyone will still look at this, but I figure I'll just post what I know...
(by Celichu 31 Oct 2009 11:03, posts: 5)
First of all I'd like to say that even though that I have only been present for one joint guild...
(by Celichu 20 Sep 2009 04:55, posts: 1)
This time we'll be doing the turtle raid on that date. So whoever is able to come that day, tell...
(by Rekkuuzan 07 Sep 2009 23:05, posts: 1)
As I said on the guild forums, I think I can make it. But…I may be lagging too much to...
(by Lorandite 20 Aug 2009 21:06, posts: 3)
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